Standing height is the height of the working platform, where the operator stands to perform work. Working height is the desired height the operator wants to reach, and Scaffold height is the height of the overall scaffold when assembled to the highest handrail.
All our aluminium mobile scaffolds are advertised with the standing height of the operator. For example a 4.0m high scaffold means the operator stands at 4.0m high, and can perform work at 6.0m high.
Yes, we have two types of wheels that can be adjusted, the 6 inch (150mm diameter) wheel, and the 8 inch (200mm diameter) wheel. We also have a third option the 5 inch (125mm diameter) wheel, however it is not adjustable.
Yes, all our wheels are lockable.
Yes, our product have reciprocal right of certification in other States of Australia
Generally speaking yes our frames and braces are compatible with other systems in the market. You’re welcome to come along to one of our stores with your frames and braces, and we can test if they fit our system.