Width: 0.74m
Length: 2.5m
Height: 4.2m
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2 x 1.0m Guard Rails
4 x 2.0m Ladder Frames
4 x 6Inch Wheels
10 x Horizontal Braces
8 x Diagonal Braces
2 x 2.5m Platform
2 x 3.0m Straight Ladder
4 x 0.74m Kickboards
4 x 2.5m Kickboards
2 x Stabilisers
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Light-Duty 225kg S.W.L. 0.74m Width. We are Australia’s leading manufacturer and distributor of scaffolding and access equipment.

Synergy aluminium mobile narrow scaffold contains lightweight components which allows easy assembly and transport. Complete with Work Cover NSW certification means this scaffold can be used in domestic and commercial fields. More suited for residential, commercial and industrial sites.

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Our aluminium platforms are relatively light in weight but still holds a high level of strength, reliability & durability. They are quite easy to manoeuvre around a jobsite or for personal use. Our aluminium platforms will provide you with the most solid & stable working environment.

Workcover certifies double width mobile scaffolds without support to a maximum height of 5m. Mobile scaffolds over 5m require outriggers by law which must be positioned to maintain a height to minimum base width ratio of 3:1 the height of towers with a base width less than 1.2m should not exceed twice least base dimensions.
A licensed scaffolder is required for the erection, alteration or dismantling of a tower or mobile scaffold where there is a risk that a person or object could fall more than 4 metres from the platform or the structure. (AS/NZS 4576:1995, 10.3.8 Tower-frame scaffolds)

Scaffold Expert Hire Add-On: Have someone come to your premises and show you how to erect your scaffold properly. Cheaper than Labour-Hire and you learn how to put the scaffold together for future jobs!
Please note: This is a guide only on how to build the scaffold and will still need a minimum of 2 people to put it together. The Expert is only there to show you the steps and give support, not to build the scaffold on their own.


Quantity Description Individual Weight(kg) Total Weight(kg)
2 1.00m Guard Rails 3.27 6.54
4 2.00m Ladder Frame 6.29 25.16
4 6inch Wheels (Can be adjusted by 400mm) 3.40 13.60
10 2.50m Horizontal Braces 2.65 26.50
8 2.50m Diagonal Braces 2.75 22.00
2 2.50m Platforms 18.35 36.70
2 3.00m Ladder 9.70 19.40
4 0.74m Kickboards 1.40 5.60
4 2.50m Kickboards 5.20 20.80
2 (2.30m – 3.00m) Stabilisers 7.05 14.10

TOTAL WEIGHT: 190.40kg

frame FG1 Guard rail, 1000*740mm

Synergy’s guard rail frame is made from durable and weather-resistant aluminium tubing with a tube wall thickness of 2mm.

It has an overall height of 1000mm, width of 740mm (outside to outside) with the rung interval spacing at 400mm apart.

The top end of the frame has a closed-end cap.

CWA6-45 6inch Adjustable Castor Wheels

The 6-inch mobile scaffold polyurethane wheel is 150mm and have an SWL of 225kgs. Fitted with a foot brake to prevent rolling and swivelling movement and a turning mechanism to provide an adjustment of 400mm, they are suitable for both internal and external use.

Aluminium Mobile Scaffold Ladders

Sizes: 3.0m

Our ladders are designed to enable easy transport. They feature a brace to secure the ladder at any angle and hooks to rest on the scaffold ladder frame rungs.

KA-2.5×06 Platform

Our platform suitable for the 2.5m long mobile scaffold is manufactured from marine grade plywood. It features an easy-lift hatch which allows for access between levels while ensuring the worker is safe.

brace NHB Horizontal Brace, 2.0m

Our horizontal brace suitable for the 2.0m long scaffold is precisely 1884mm long. The brace is manufactured from certified structural grade aluminium tubing. The ends of the brace are riveted.

brace NDB-400 Diagonal Brace, *m

Our horizontal brace suitable for the 2.0m long scaffold is precisely 2000mm long. The brace is manufactured from certified structural grade aluminium tubing. The ends of the brace are riveted.

Timber Kickboards

Synergy’s Toeboards are made of plywood material and are designed for an easy and secure fit.

S3 Stabilisers, *-2300mm-3000mm

Our stabilizers have two arms which attach onto the scaffold using a swivel coupler to prevent it from rocking. The leg of the stabilizer allows the user to adjust the range depending on what is required. It can be used in any situation. It also includes a swivel foot with rubber sole for extra stability.

Frame NF5-400 Aluminium Narrow Frames, 0.74 x 2.0m

Synergy’s 5 rung ladder frame is manufactured from durable and weather-resistant aluminium tubing with a tube wall thickness of 2mm.

Length: 2.5m

Width: 0.74m

Platform Height: 4.2m Extends to 4.6m

Total Scaffold Height: 5.2m Extends to 5.6m

Tube Material: Aluminium 6061-T6

Tube Diameter: 51.5mm

Tube Wall Thickness: 2mm

Tig Welding

Safe Work Load (SWL):  225kg

Wheel Size: 6 Inch (150mm)

Platform Material: Aluminium & Laminated Plywood

Work Cover Plank Registration Number: PFS 6-189961/15

1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

10 Years Welding Warranty



Narrow Scaffold Assembly Manual




Narrow Scaffold WorkCover Certificate



Your order will be delivered on a pallet with the following dimensions:

Pallet dimensions:

Width: 120CM
Length: 300CM
Height: 70CM

TOTAL WEIGHT: 180kg (Not Including Pallet Weight)

*Disclaimer* The total weight stated will vary based on add-ons. Images used below are generic and used to give you a rough idea of how your order will look packed. The images don’t represent the product you are purchasing.