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Aluminium platforms are installed to provide the working platform of a scaffold.

Our aluminium platforms are relatively light in weight but still holds high level of strength, reliability & durability. They are quite easy to manoeuvre around a jobsite or for personal use. Our aluminium platforms will provide you with the most solid & stable working environment.

They are available in different lengths to suit to ledger

Platforms have a safe work load of 450kg per board and that maximum span is 1.3 metres

For bulk orders and pricing please contact us

Code Description Weight (KG)
KA-0.7×0.3PC 700*300mm Platform Closed 3.40kg
KA-0.7×0.6PC 700*600mm Platform Closed 5.70kg
KA-1.3×0.3PC 1280*300mm Platform Closed 8.10kg
KA-1.3×0.6PC 1280*600mm Platform Closed 9.20kg
KA-1.3×0.6PH 1280*600mm Platform with Hatch 9.20kg
KA-2.0×0.3PC 2000*300mm Platform Closed 11.80kg
KA-2.0×0.6PC 2000*600mm Platform Closed 14.90kg
KA-2.0×0.6PH 2000*600mm Platform with Hatch 14.90kg
KA-2.5×0.3PC 2500*300mm Platform Closed 14.50kg
KA-2.5×0.6PC 2500*600mm Platform Closed 20.40kg
KA-2.5×0.6PH 2500*600mm Platform with Hatch 20.40kg
KA-3.2×0.3PC 3200*300mm Platform Closed 17.60kg
KA-3.2×0.6PC 3200*600mm Platform Closed 22.60kg
KA-3.2×0.6PH 3200*600mm Platform with Hatch 22.60kg

Please use the table below to see if pickup or delivery is available at your location for both sales and hire:

We Deliver Australia Wide! (Sales only)

SYDNEY (Revesby) Pickup/Delivery Pickup/Delivery
SYDNEY (Chipping Norton) Pickup/Delivery Pickup/Delivery
BRISBANE Delivery Delivery
MELBOURNE Delivery Delivery
ADELAIDE Delivery Delivery
PERTH Delivery Delivery


All our scaffolds are made up of individual components that are neatly packed and delivered on standard sized pallets.

The vast majority of orders are same day or next day delivery if delivered to metro areas in the following cities:

  • Sydney
  • Melbourne
  • Brisbane
  • Perth
  • Adelaide

Delivery to other cities in Australia or to rural or regional areas can take up to one week depending on the courier company.

We aim to provide the best price on freight hence why we use a vast majority or courier companies depending on factors such as price, speed and insurance policies.

Your order will be sent out with one of the following courier companies:

  • Samson Express
  • Mainfreight
  • Century couriers
  • Toll IPEC / Toll Express
  • Capital Transport
  • Northline
  • TNT
  • Synergy Scaffolding (Internal deliveries)

Due to high order demands and no control over external courier’s companies, we cannot always guarantee delivery within those timeframes.


If you decide to pick up your scaffold from one of our warehouses, we can either hand load the parts onto your vehicle (this is suitable for those who want to pick up in a van, ute or vehicle with roof racks) or we can forklift on the scaffold packed on a pallet.

  • Website prices are subject to change at any time without notice, Synergy Aluminium Towers Pty Ltd cannot guarantee the prices listed on our website as prices can change prior to being updated online.
  • Please check for availability in-store prior to arriving due to different locations holding different stock
  • Please refer to the inclusions listed in the detail section for each scaffold as image components may differ