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Main Features:
– Anchors can be removed when temporary equipment needs to be dismantled;
– Bolts are reusable with a guaranteed supply of coils;
– Standard torque and high torque are available to suit individual design tension capacities and needs;
– Heavy duty pullout strength and shearing strength;
– Extra large hex head socket (24mm) for M12 bolts to allow for convenient use with scaffold keys.
– Immediate high strength loading

All Anchors come with 100 x Coils (Dependant on the size of anchor selected)

M16 X 95 STANDARD/HIGH = 30 Anchors
M12 X 100 STANDARD/HIGH = 40 Anchors
M12 X 75 STANDARD/HIGH = 40 Anchors

Installation Method:
– Only suitably qualified personnel should perform the installation.
– ensure that correct size and length of the anchor is in line with fixture, concrete strength and required load.
– Drill a hole with the same diameter drill bit as the anchor to the depth of the 10mm deeper than the anchor length at the designated location
– Remove debris and dust from the hole
– Insert the anchor into the hole. Ensure the projection at the upper end of the coil slightly scratches the wall of the hole when tapping in.
– Stop at the depth set mark before beginning to turn.
– Tighten the anchor and ensure that the fixture and washer are firm.
– When using a new coil, insert the bolt into the coil from the end with a projection.