Width: 1.3m
Length: 1.3m
Height: 2.0m
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Hire for $200 /week
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Our Kwikally mobile offers different sizes that are not traditionally found in mobile scaffolds. They are perfect in open spaces and allow for secure additional space. The smaller sizes are perfect for tight areas like lift shafts.

Additionally, our mobile modular scaffolding systems allow you to connect several bays together and still have it be mobile.

Part No. Description Qty Weight per Item(KG) Total Weight(KG)
KA-2.0DB Diagonal Brace 2.0m 4 3.8 15.2
KA-TBC Toe Board Clips 4 0.3 1.3
KA-1.3L Ledger 1.3 m 16 2.6 40.8
KA-CW8 KwikAlly 8 inch Wheels 4 5.6 22.2
KA-AL-1.3×0.6PH 1280*600mm Hatch 2 9.2 18.4
KA-1.3TB 1280mm Toe Board 4 2.5 9.8
KA-0.5S Standard 0.5m 4 1.1 4.2
KA-3.0S Standard 3.0m 4 4.8 19.2
Total Kit Weight(KG) 131.1
TIES 900TUBE 0.9m Tube 2
DC Doubles (90’z) 2
WBR Wall Bracket 2
LADDER EXL-2 Extension Ladder 1
KA-1.3L Ledger 1.3 m 1
2 OUTRIGGERS S3 Stabilizer 3.0m 2
4 OUTRIGGERS S3 Stabilizer 3.0m 4



Aluminium Kwikally Brochure

Kwikally Mobile 1.3m x 1.3m x 2m(Height)



Kwikally Scaffold WorkCover Certificate


Kwikally Mobile 1.3m x 1.3m x 2m(Height)