Width: 0.7m
Length: 10m (4 x 2.5m Bays)
Height: 4.0m
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Medium-Duty 450kg S.W.L. 0.7m (W) x 10.0m (L) x 4.0m(H) We are Australia’s leading manufacturer and distributor of scaffolding and access equipment.

Synergy’s Aluminium Quickstage system is the most durable, lightweight scaffolding system on the market. Ideal for Builders, Painters, Renderers & Tradesmen that need to access any height with ease and complete safety.

For bulk orders and pricing please contact us

Our aluminium platforms are relatively light in weight but still holds high level of strength, reliability & durability. They are quite easy to manoeuvre around a jobsite or for personal use. Our aluminium platforms will provide you with the most solid & stable working environment.


Quantity Description Individual Weight(kg) Total Weight(kg)
10 Steel Base Jacks 7.00 70.00
10 3.00m Standards 4.00 40.00
10 2.00m Standards 3.29 32.90
10 0.50m Standards 1.05 10.50
48 2.50m Ledgers 3.78 181.44
23 0.74m Ledgers 1.90 43.70
8 2.50m Platforms 18.35 146.80
4 3.20m Diagonal Braces 5.30 21.20
6 1.60m Diagonal Braces 3.44 20.64
4 900Tube 3.78 15.12
4 Wall Brackets 2.80 11.20
4 Double Coupler 1.10 4.40
2 3.00m Ladders 9.70 19.40
8 2.50m Toeboards 4.80 38.40
4 0.74m Toeboards 0.98 3.92
10 Toeboard Clips




Standards are the vertical uprights. Made from durable, structural aluminium, the standards stack vertically and are locked together with the Synergy ledger scaffold wedge at the end of ledgers and transoms. The standards have nodes or stars at 0.5m increments. Ledgers and transoms are fixed to the standard via these nodes

Ledgers are made from durable, structural aluminium with a cast wedge-fixing device to fit into the star of the standard at each end. When two ledgers are installed adjacent to one another along with two Transoms, this allows the platforms to be installed, creating a work platform. They are also used as handrails in the scaffold system.

Diagonal Braces
The diagonal brace is used to the full height of the scaffold in a longitudinal direction.
They are designed to provide stability to the scaffolding system.

Hop-ups provide an additional cantilevered working platform. Can be used on any side of the scaffold to get nearer or better access to the working area.

KA-2.5X0.6PH 2500*600mm Platform with Hatch
Our platform is 2500mm from centre to centre with the deck made from marine ply and aluminium frame. It features two easy-lift hatches. The first and larger allows for access between levels while ensuring the worker is safe while the second is a ladder hatch.

Timber kickboards
Synergy’s Toeboards are made of plywood material and are designed for an easy and secure fit.

Aluminium scaffold ladder
Our Aluminium Ladders features a brace to secure the ladder at any angle and hooks to rest on the scaffold ladder frame rungs.

This Painters Scaffold Kit is:

0.7m Wide
10.0m Long (4 x 2.5m Bays)
4.0m Top Platform Height
Work Cover Plank Registration Number: PFS-6-165757/13

Medium Duty
Tube Material: Aluminium 6061-T6
Tig Welding
Tube Diameter: 48.4mm
Tube Wall Thickness: 2.6mm
S.W.L: 450kg

1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

10 Years Welding Warranty

Safe Work Load (SWL):  225kgs

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