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Plywood sheets from Synergy Access Equipment 

Here at Synergy Access Equipment, we offer a range of plywood sheets provided with your business in mind. Plywood is a popular choice among our customers. There are many advantages that plywood sheets provide, whether they are being used for small projects or larger-scale jobs. There are a number of factors that keep customers coming back to plywood as their material of choice:

Consistent strength throughout the material

Plywood is engineered in such a way that it maintains a consistent level of strength across the entire board or sheet. The density of the material remains the same, whether strain is placed on the edge of the board or in the centre. This is very useful for businesses that need to accurately predict the tensile strength of any given section of their material.

Versatile usage

Plywood can be used in many different applications, making it a versatile choice for businesses. Depending on the type of plywood, the material can be used in structural applications, in the construction of furniture and equipment, along with a variety of other uses. Treated plywood may even be suitable for marine applications or locations close to the coast, where conditions may be tough on materials.

Sustainable and renewable

While plywood is not a naturally occurring material, the wood used to manufacture it is. Plywood can be manufactured using wood from a variety of fast-growing, renewable tree stocks. In turn, this makes plywood sheets a sustainable option for businesses.

Minimal wastage

As long as plywood is cut in the right way, there is minimal wasted wood. This is increasingly important, as businesses look for ways to reduce excess cost and wastage in their operations.

Additional sizing options

It’s very difficult to source sheets and boards in certain sizes if you are working with solid wood or another material. With plywood, this kind of limitation does not exist — you can achieve a range of different sizing options that may not be possible with other types of material.

We provide plywood sheets across a number of different thicknesses. These include:

  • 3mm plywood
  • 7mm plywood
  • 9mm plywood
  • 12mm plywood
  • 15mm plywood
  • 17mm plywood
  • 18mm plywood
  • 25mm plywood

We strive to help our customers achieve the flexibility they need. We recognise that they need the right kind of materials to complete their task at hand. With this in mind, we offer a wide range of different product pieces and materials aimed to keep you well-stocked and ready to get the best from your project.

Take a look at our plywood products and find what you need. Don’t forget that you can reach out to our team directly if you need any support or assistance. Here at Synergy Access and Scaffolding, we are always happy to help.