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    The benefits of dry hiring over purchasing can be astronomical for short term use jobs.


    A few things to consider when hiring our equipment include your knowledge on the product, your experience, and the type of project you’re working on.



    Dry Hire Categories

    Dry Hire

    Aluminium Kwikstage Dry Hire

    Dry Hire

    Aluminium Mobile Dry Hire

    Dry Hire

    Steel Kwikstage Dry Hire

    Dry Hire

    Fibreglass Screens Dry Hire

    Dry Hire

    Acroprops Dry Hire

    Dry Hire

    Fibreglass Mobile Dry Hire

    Dry Hire

    Adjustable Stairs Dry Hire

    The main benefits of Dry Hire include:


    > Affordability – Prices from as little as $88 inclusive per week.

    > Practicality – Easy to erect and dismantle our products.

    > Storage

    First step in Dry Hiring our products?

    Understanding the type of equipment you’re after ie. Dimensions.

    Our sales specialists at Synergy are here to help with any of your enquiries – You  can contact us on 1300 796 305 or email us at

    We’re happy to point you in the right direction.


    Step Two

    Determining the duration of hire. Dry Hire is offered for a minimum of 1 week initially. It can be hard to gauge how long you need it for, so you can pay on a weekly basis instead of all at once if the project is expected to exceed one week.

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      Please Choose Enquiry Type: SalesHireOther